This package introduces the genre of the Sitcom and provides in depth analysis of The IT Crowd (The Final Countdown series 4 episode 2) and the Pilot Episode of Friends.


The PowerPoint and lesson plans cover the following learning objectives: 


1. L.O To introduce the Sitcom genre  

2. L.O To introduce and view the IT crowd  

3. L.O To analyse mise en scene in The IT Crowd  

4. L.O To analyse sound and editing in The IT Crowd  

5. L.O To introduce and view Friends  

6. L.O To analyse media language in Friends  

7. L.O To explore representation in Friends and IT Crowd

8. L.O To investigate the use of intertextuality in IT crowd and Friends  

9. L.O To view representation of New York in Friends 

Sitcom Package - IT Crowd and Friends

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