A variety of resources designed to revise and consolidate knowledge of theories. Theories include:

  • audience (Albert Bandura, Stuart Hall, George Gerbner, Clay Shirky and Henry Jenkins)
  • representation (Bell Hooks, Judith Butler, Stuart Hall, Paul Gilroy and Van Zoonen)
  • media language (Roland Barthes, Claude Levi-Strauss, Tzvetan Todorov, Steve Neale and Jean Baudrillard)
  • industry (Curran and Seaton, Livingstone and Lunt and David Hesmondhalgh)

A-Level Media Theory Package | A-level | Media Studies| FRAME Education

    • Starter: Who am I? guess the theorist
    • Starter: Theory crossword
    • Starter: Theory Bingo
    • Multiple choice quiz
    • Theory PLC
    • Theory Flashcards
    • Media theory blank glossary
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